Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much water is used to wash my car?

We take water conservation very seriously. The Finish Line has the most comprehensive, state of the art water reclamation and recycling system available. 100% of the water used in our tunnel is captured, filtered, treated and recycled. The Finish Line also captures the water runoff to eliminate the possibility of polluting the watershed or fresh water system.

This all results in Finish Line using less than 12 gallons of fresh water per car. To put this in perspective, the average car wash uses 65-80 gallons of fresh water per car. Washing your car in the driveway uses between 40-100 gallons. Even taking a shower usually uses 20-30 gallons of water.

Simply stated: The Finish Line Car Wash is the most environmentally friendly way to clean your car!

+ What if it rains right after my Vehicle is washed?

Finish Line offers a 4 day rain check for all washes. If you receive a wash and it rains come back within 4 days of your original wash with your receipt and we will repeat the service.

+ Do I need to make an appointment for detail?

We take cars on a first come, first serve basis. If you call the store and ask to speak with a Service Adviser or Manager, they can help assess the overall service time by vehicle type and estimate wait times. Reservations for detail services are available upon request.

+ How long does it take for a Mini, or Baja or other detail?

Without seeing the vehicle in person, it is very difficult to give out times for any detail. For example, a Mini-detail can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The time of service is primarily dependent on the condition of the vehicle. It is best to bring the vehicle in and speak with a Service Adviser or Manager.

+ Why is my car parked on the side by the vacuum lanes and other cars are going in front of me?

When you tell the Service Adviser what wash package you want, he puts a time stamp on the car. As some lanes move faster than others, we stage the vehicles and then load them in numerical order. There are times when one area has too much work, and then we may load vehicles destined for different areas from yours while that area moves cars out. We understand that your time is valuable and we strive to keep the vehicles in order.

+ Do you have a monthly or unlimited membership?

We do not. However, we do have a Free Wash Club. The Wash Club is a rewards program where every dollar you spend on washes is turned into points. These can be traded for future discounts. Essentially it is a 5% savings on future washes.

+ I see you have a monthly charity. can I submit my charity?

Yes, you can! If you are interested, please contact us and we can put your charity into the pool as we typically select our charities for the following year in the month of November. Please understand that we focus on child-centric charities.

+ Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. You can pick them up at the at the cashier station. They can be loaded with any desired dollar amount. Can’t make it in? No problem. We now offer them on our new website under the 'Shop' tab!

+ What is that writing they put on my window?

There are a couple of pieces of information that we need for your wash, and writing it with a peel-off marker lets everyone know how to handle your car. There is a 2 digit time stamp, a 3 digit wash code (that tells the tunnel which cleaning products go on your car), and a package code for the finishers to know how to treat your car. We will sometimes ask for your name and phone number if you are dropping off the vehicle and this will go on the car as well.

+ Why do they ask to see my receipt before I get in my car?

We ask to see your receipt for a few reasons, but making sure you paid is not on the list. First, we want to make sure you are getting in the right vehicle. There are times when we will have several vehicles of the same make and model that are being finished. This results in people trying to get in the wrong vehicle that looks similar to their own. Checking the receipt helps us direct you to the correct vehicle. Secondly, we want to make sure we did the work you paid for. There are times when a package letter may have come off in the wash and we didn’t armor all the tires or trim pieces. We want to get it right.

+ They forgot to vacuum my trunk.

There are certain areas of a vehicle that are off limits. Any area or part of the car that we cannot see into, we will not open. This includes the truck, glove compartment and center console. Our default is to leave those areas alone since they may contain sensitive or valuable property. If you ask us though, we will certainly clean those areas for you. We just need your permission first.

+ I was unhappy with my last wash or experience. What can I do?

On our entry door is a promise to our guests. “Love you wash or simply let us know. We will always make it right!” We mean it. If you had a bad experience, or the wash was below our standard for any reason, please call and ask to speak with a manager. We will make it right for you.

+ Do you detail boats, vans, or other vehicles?

Yes, we detail almost every vehicle from cars to boats to large specialty vehicles. Just call ahead or bring your vehicle by and we will make sure to find a way to help.